About Adoption Talk


Adoption Talk is an online resource and support tool for inter-country adoptees and their families. The website is designed around assisting adoptees who may be experiencing:

  • Culture dislocation
  • An inability to identify with their original or new culture
  • A sense of loneliness or not belonging
  • Trauma brought about by their adoption experience
  • Feelings of depression or hopelessness

Adoption Talk was created by Daniel Rose. Daniel was adopted into Australia from Seoul at the tender age of 6. Through his experience, he learnt that there was little information available to support him as an inter-country adoptee, and the negative experiences endured as a result.

Daniel’s experience has inspired him to develop this website with the intention of helping others who may be feeling isolated, like no one understands. Read Daniel’s full story by clicking here.

This site also has great Resources and anyone is encouraged to get talking together through our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.


About Daniel


My name is Daniel Rose. I am adopted.

Look at me and what do you see?

You’d see a man with a cause. A great family. Fantastic friends. A loving wife.

But for a long time I was deprived of the love and support I have today.

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In our resources section you will find links to useful support tools and websites.

You'll find a link to Intercountry Adoption Australia, as well as free translation support for those who may find English a little hard to speak.

Should you feel down or depressed, there are help sites with trained professionals who will talk to you, 24 hours 7 days a week, or point you in the right direction for further support, if you need it. You can call, chat online or browse through their sites for more information.

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